cleangreen computer apple specialists devonport nz
cleangreen computer apple specialists
cleangreen computer and macxperts  apple specialists

We are a kiwi owned and operated business based on the northshore of Auckland.


We started back in 2009, and like Microsoft and Apple, we ran the business out of a garage in Devonport for the first 2 years.  We still operate out of Devonport but we now have a repair shop in Devonport to help better manage the growth in our business and meet our customer expectations on the Northshore.  The new sales and repair shop can be found at 10 Victoria Road, Devonport - 'The Old Post Office' opposite Manuka and next to The Patriot.


Our focus , then and now, is on positive customer outcomes  Outcomes that are personal and enduring. We want to establish an ongoing relationship built on trust and fairness - value for money - where we deliver exceptional service and products at a fair price.

We remain focused on the repair and refurbishment of computers where it makes sense.  We have added iPads and iPhones to our growing Apple desktop and laptop business.  I  am sure you will all agree we through still prefer to repair and upgrade your computer rather than add to land fill.  And more recently, we began refurbishing and selling x business lease systems - especially Apple branded equipement.  This refurbished corporate lease stuff is perfect for the majority of small business and home users at less than 1/2 the price of the original selling price.


Over the past few months we recruited apple technicians to work on our latest business venture: repairing iPads and iPhones. 




Call us now and see the difference.


Karl Reynolds, Director and Technical Expert

September 2013.